Arippa - A Natural Bless

Arippa, the spectacular wooded high lands of the Western Ghats is located 52 Kms away from Trivandrum city along the Trivandrum-Shencottah State high way. The virgin land offers a perfect destination for the nature lovers amidst the forest environment. Arippa is known for its diverse species of bird and wild life and is a renowned haunt for bird watchers.


We have 2 types of rooms available here, Jyothishmathi IB and , kambakam Mansion with a stunning environment. The rooms are air-conditioned. The location is very calm and can feel the heartbeats of mother . Jyothishmathi IB is available in both triple and double occupancies. Check in and Check out: Preferably between Noon to 2 pm and check out after 23 hour or 1pm on the following day whichever is earlier.

Myristica Swamps
Trek to Myristica Swamps

Kfdc ecotourism has gathered a rundown of activities in Kerala to make your vacation an essential one. This page unites an assortment of encounters/exercises to encourage a simple look for a guest. Our activities include: trekking, Steam bath, Bird watching, recreational articles, and campfire. Guide service is included in the programme and we are engaging experienced tribal people.

Day guided trekking

Day guided trekking gives a chance to walk through pristine evergreen and decidious forest of Arippa.many species of birds and butterflies can be sighted during trekking.The other wild animals can be sighted if your are immensely lucky.You can experience a stream bath except during summer season trekking longs 8 Km and time span is around 4hrs.Experienced guides will be associated with visitors and also we provide refreashments to visitors.