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Myristica Swamps: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Situated within a kilometer from the accommodation, Myristica swamps are a form of freshwater swamp forest dominated by Myristica species. Stilt roots and knee roots have helped Myristica marshes adapt to flooding.

A total of 65 tree species and 72 shrub-herb species can be found in the Myristica Swamps. It's a thriving land with 23 percent butterflies, 11 percent spiders, 8.4% fishes, and rare birds, thanks to the exceptional habitat. The dazzling species diversity and abundance clearly demonstrate that this is a must-see location that should be included in your top travel stories.

Boat Ride

Bird Watching

Are you a bird watcher? Then pack your camera and set your travel plans to Arippa. Around 120 species can be sighted at Arippa. Some of the rare bird species that can be seen are Nilgiri wood pigeon, Chestnut winged cuckoo, Eurasian blackbird, Black baza and Orange- breasted pigeon.